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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Do I need to visit the Center before the procedure date?
No. You will need an up-to-date medical history and physical form from your physician. Pre-op examinations must be done within 30 days of your scheduled procedure date. Some patients may choose to come to the Center before their procedure date to make payments.

What if I cannot make my appointment?
Please notify your provider and Summit Surgery Center at 406-496-3550 as early as possible if you cannot make your scheduled appointment. Early notification can help us better accommodate you and other patients.

What should I wear?
Please wear comfortable clothing. Button-down shirts or blouses are best. Wear comfortable shoes. Leave all jewelry at home, including body-piercing jewelry. Children may wear pajamas, but please refrain from placing them in footed pajamas.

Why must I refrain from eating and/or drinking prior to the procedure? 
​You must refrain from eating and drinking prior to your procedure in order to prevent the risk of stomach contents traveling into your lungs, a process known as aspiration. Strict adherence to directives regarding when to stop eating and drinking before your procedure are expected of you to ensure your safety. If you fail to follow these directives, your procedure may be cancelled and rescheduled for your safety.

Should I take my usual daily medication?
Your provider will inform you if any of your medications should be stopped prior to your procedure as well as the nurse that will call you prior to your procedure. Please call your provider or Summit Surgery Center with any questions you may have regarding your medications. People using inhalers must bring them to the Center on the day of the procedure.

May I continue my herbal medications?
Many herbal medications may promote bleeding or interfere with your anesthetic agents. (The list of drugs and their side effects are too great for this site.) Please ask your provider when you should stop these medications. Please remember to mention these remedies when being asked about medication.

Who may accompany me?
You are welcome to bring support persons with you on the day of your procedure. One person will be allowed to sit with you before your procedure. When you are up to a chair in the Recovery Room, that person may join you again.

Please refrain from bringing children to the Center as guests. Center staff will not be responsible for their care nor supervision.

Will I receive sedation before going into the procedure room?
We assess each patient’s needs and individualize each patient’s plan of care. Sedation is provided prior to each procedure based on individual patient need.

Will I be contacted before my procedure?
Yes. We call each patient before the procedure date to confirm the appointment time and hopefully answer any of your questions

Should I bathe and wash my hair before leaving home?
We recommend that you shower or bathe per your procedure, dry off with a clean towel, and put on clean clothes. Please do not swallow water when brushing your teeth. Again, do not apply makeup, lotions, deodorant, cologne/perfume, hair sprays/gels/waxes. 

What should I do if I am not feeling well? 
If you are not feeling well, please contact your provider immediately.

What if I wear eye contacts?
Please leave your contacts at home and wear your glasses for the day. This will help to prevent any damage to your eyes.

What should I do if I started my menstrual cycle? 
This will not affect your procedure.

May I drive home?

  • All patients are required to have a ride home with a responsible adult. No patient will be permitted to drive home after receiving sedation or anesthesia.
  • All patients receiving sedation or anesthesia are required to have a responsible adult to receive discharge instructions and to receive you into their care for 24 hours.
  • If you do not have a ride home AND a responsible adult to receive you, your procedure will be cancelled and rescheduled for a later time.

What if I have special needs? 
We will make every effort to accommodate any special need you may have. We strongly encourage you to call the Center in advance so that we can properly prepare to make you comfortable. Do not hesitate to call and suggest anything that may make your day easier.

Should I bring my special needs equipment?
Yes. Please bring any walkers, assistive devices, hearing aids, etc.

What must I bring with me on the day of the procedure?
  • Photo ID 
  • Insurance card and/or Medicare/Medicaid Cards
  • A responsible adult to receive you after your procedure and to drive you home
  • Comfortable, loose fitting clothing
  • Remove ALL jewelry and leave it at home (including body piercings)
  • Leave valuables at home like credit cards, check book, cash, etc.
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